The Bunglers
                                                                                 irische Pubmusik

Das Repertoire

Wir spielen in erster Linie irische Pubsongs. Darüber hinaus haben wir eigene Songs im Repertoire, und wir spielen bekannte Songs so als wären sie irisch. Hier ein Auszug:

Pub with no beer                                    Molly Maguires

Galway girl (von Steve Earle)                          Irish rover

Fields of Athenry

Molly Malone                                          Dirty old town

Whiskey in the jar                                  Wild rover

Irish pub song                                        Step it out, Mary

The Wellerman                                      Farewell to Carlingford

Black velvet band                                  Crystal eyes

The Bunglerhouse                                  Norwegian wood

I´ve just seen a face                               Irish Birthday Song

Don´t give up til it´s over                        Lord of the dance

The town I loved so well                         Spanish lady

Finnegan´s Wake                                    Ride on

Champion at keeping them rolling        On the one road

Schoolday´s over                                     If I should fall from grace with God

With a little help from my friends          Green fields of France

Foggy Dew                                               Irish Birthday song